Reza Egloff was born in Kermanshah Iran on August 24.1990. 

At the age of 13 he began studying Tombak with different Masters. Tombak is the central drum in traditional Persian music.

On 2008 Reza traveled to India and felt drawn to Indian classical music and got inspired to explore and research the world of rhythm from different cultures. Learning different rhythmic patterns significantly influenced his methodology and attitude towards playing Tombak.


Reza was back in Iran on 2012 and started giving private Tombak lessons and also attending different Tombak Workshops by other Tombak Masters in Tehran. Alongside he tought himself how to play other rhythmical instruments such as Bandir,Cajon,Djembe,Darbuka and Udu. 

Reza immigrated to Switzerland on 2017 and shorlty he met a great composer and Guitar player Fernando Noriega and he started to play in his band as a muliti percussionist. Since then they have had several concerts in Switzerland. 

In the year 2019 Reza along with a musician friend who is an electronic composer, Oliver Badrzadeh (Qiujan) started a project called Sober Dance Trip. In this project they bring people to dance with live music  with different kinds of world drums and percussion and Persian melodic instruments alongside electronic sound effect in background.