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In my classes we will go through the following concepts
- The fundamentals of the instrument such as the correct position of the body, hands and holding the drum
- Basic and advanced hand and finger techniques   
- Composing and distinguishing different rhythms and grooves -
traditional Middle Eastern, Mediterranian, Balkan, African... Rhythms

Pricing private lesson

30 minutes: 50-.

60 minutes: 90.-

Pricing Workshops


Tombak, Tonbak or Zarb is the central drum in Persian classical music of Iran. Unlike other drums this goblet drum is played by using all the fingers. This thechnique makes the Tombak one of the most interesting drums in the world.

Frame Drum

is one of the most ancient musical instrument, and perhaps the first drum to be invented. It has a drumhead width greater than it's depth. Frame drum has been played in many different religious and ceremonial events. Nowadays frame drum is alive among others in music cultures of the Middle-East, India, Italy and Ireland.


In November 1999, instrument builders Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer of PANArt created the first Hang (Plural: Hanghang) prototype in Bern, Switzerland. Hang means “hand” in the Bernese German language, and is pronounced “hung or hong”.


The development of the Hang began after years of research on the making of, tuning and developing specific metals for the steelpan. Also contributing to the Hangs birth was the study of Gongs, Gamelan, Ghatam, Udu, drums and bells.


The Udu, originated in Nigerian traditional music, is usually made out of clay. Udu means vessel in Igbo language. It is a clay pot with an opening at the head and on the side, the pot is played by hands by striking. Each Udu drum offers individual values. They can be played by hitting the drum with the palm or finger tips. The textured surfaces provide variations by creating rubbing sounds. It was originally played in Africa and India for ceremonial uses.


Is a Middle Eastern Percussion instrument which can be made out of clay, metal or wood. This instrument can be coverd with different types of skin such as goat or fish skin or a synthetic fiber. This Anciant drum was originally played in Egypt and Turkey.

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