Tombak, Tonbak or Zarb is the central drum in Persian classical music of Iran. Unlike other drums this goblet drum is played by using all the fingers. This thechnique makes the Tombak one of the most interesting drums of the world.


Here is what you learn in my private class

- The correct way of sitting and holding the Tombak

-  Fundamental hand and finger technique and strokes            

- Learning how to read notes and play with notes                         

- Learning different types of  Persian and World grooves and Rhythms                                                        


The Bandir is a wooden frame drum which is build in different sizes with different tunings. This Instrument originally comes from North Africa and South West Asia. Bandir is nowadays played in different countries such as Turkey and Iran. This Instrument is also played in Sufi ceremonies.



In my Class you will learn two different ways of holding your Bandir, playing traditional rhythms and grooves, reading and playing with notes and at the end learning  many finger techniques that makes and amazing Sound on the Frame.



Cajon, I will teach you the basic fundamental hand strokes, advanced techniques and playing with fingers and also different types of world Rhythms.

Each lesson will be between 45min to 1 hour.